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18-Inch ABM Innova Sitdown Midarm
18-Inch ABM Innova Midarm Quilters
22-Inch ABM Innova Longarm Quilters
26-Inch ABM Innova Longarm Quilters
32-inch ABM Innova Longarm Quilters
ABM Pro-Frames

  • Pre- and post-purchase support
  • Setup/training at customer's site
  • Two-day new owners' quilting retreat (includes overnight hotel accommodations) – covers routine use/maintenance of your new Innova, plus introduction to freehand, pantos, stencils and templates
  • Free refresher classes and trainings at our studio for all Innova owners who buy their machines from us
  • Warranty service and repair
  • Do-it-yourself maintenance training
All of our mid and longarm quilting machines and frames are manufactured by ABM International, a leading manufacturer of quilting equipment worldwide, based in Houston, TX ( ABM has been manufacturing quilting machines for more than 75 years.

ABM Innova 18 weighs 45 pounds
ABM Innova 26 weights 54 pounds

Standard Innova features

The ABM Innova 18, 22, 26 and 32 include:
  • Laser pointer
  • Stylus
  • Bobbin winder
  • Large style M bobbins
  • Thread stand
  • Tool kit
  • Front and rear handles with controls
  • Needle position up/down switch
  • 1/4-inch hopping foot
  • Non-engaged hand wheel
  • 5 needles
  • 5 bobbins
  • Sewing light
  • Ruler plate
  • Leaders
  • Side tension clamps
Optional Innova features
  • Electronic stitch regulator
  • Electronic Pro-Stitch regulator with touchscreen
  • Electronic Lightning-Stitch regulator with touchscreen
  • New! PantoVision digital pantographs
  • Micro handles for smoother micro stippling
  • ECording Multitech automatic couching attachment
    (Click here
    to view a YouTube video that shows the ECording attachment in action)
  • Auto Pilot computer control system
  • Cross-hatch ruler bar
  • Open-toe hopping foot
  • Trapunto hopping foot
  • Upper laser mount
  • Electric channel locks
  • Side mount spool holder
  • Custom colors for Innova housing
  • Electric lifting table
  • Locking casters
  • Fabric advance hand-wheel
  • Overhead light fixture
  • Automatic fabric advance 
  • Check back often, as ABM has a number of product enhancements in development
ABM Pro-Frame features
  • Rigid 2-inch diameter galvanized steel fabric poles
  • Pole brakes
  • Laminated table tops
  • High precision pro-wheels
  • Two side clamps with tensioning bands
  • Gas-assisted top fabric pole lifting system
  • Height-adjustable legs
  • Fabric take-up compensator bar so user won't have to adjust the bar as quilt roll increases in height
  • Standard frame lengths of 8, 10 or 12 feet (select length when ordering). Custom frame sizes are also available.
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At-Home Quilting logo for ABM Innova mid- and longarm quilting machines

The Innova 18, 22, 26 and 32 offer a patented rotating sewhead that twists out of the way for easy loading of quilt tops/backings/batting. This feature is exclusive to the Innova line.

ABM Innova Longarm Quilting Machine and ABM Pro-Frame

The ABM Pro-Frame is a commercial-quality quilting frame made from the finest lightweight rigid aircraft-quality aluminum that has been anodized to provide years of service with no maintenance. 

The Pro-Frame's front roller is placed below the surface of the quilt sandwich, leaving the quilter no obstructions or interference. It is easy to use rulers to guide your stitching with the ruler plate included with every Innova machine.

Three choices in stitch regulation
ABM offers three kinds of stitch regulators to meet your needs and budget:
  • The Base stitch regulator is included in the package price and provides a reliable, consistent stitch to make even a novice's work look good.
  • The Pro-Stitch upgrade provides more advanced technology AND a handy touch-screen interface that makes changes settings simpler and faster. 
  • Lightning Stitch is ABM's most recent advancement in stitch regulation technology -- and it simply must be seen to be appreciated. You can't get a "long stitch," even when making abrupt changes in speed or direction. The Lightning Stitch touch-screen interface is even more advanced than the Pro-Stitch, providing more options for custom settings and greater control over stitch quality.

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